Dallas-Fort Worth Herpetological Society

To promote understanding, appreciation, and conservation of reptiles and amphibians, to encourage respect for their habitats, and to foster responsible captive care.

Educating our members and the public is a central purpose of the DFW Herpetological Society.  From the beginning, we have provided talks, displays of live animals, and photo presentations to a wide variety of groups.

To request our participation in an educational event, please send an email to education@dfwherp.org.

Snakes of Tarrant County At the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge

For many years, the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge has had a display of reptiles and amphibians over the Memorial Day weekend.  Thousands of people have learned about snakes and other herps and had a chance to have questions answered at this event, in which DFWHS members provide examples of all or virtually all of the snake species in our area, in addition to other herp species.

This year that tradition continued! Many people visited our exhibits and talked with our knowledgeable members.


Reptile & Amphibian Day

On October 13, 2012 the DFWHS provided an event for the public that will become a regular event, though this event will not be held in 2013.  Last year, Reptile & Amphibian Day was held at UTA and featured displays of a great many live reptiles and amphibians from all over the world. Speakers provided several talks on topics ranging from herps of north Texas, to herpetological research at UTA, to the problem of rattlesnake roundups.  The event included Tim Cole and Austin Reptile Service, the DFW Turtle & Tortoise Club, and was sponsored by UTA, Illumination Studios, and the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. There was a Texas indigo snake, Aldabra tortoise, Gila Monsters, all the venomous snake species in Texas, boas, pythons, and many other species.  Stay tuned, as future years’ events will be bigger and better than ever!